Our gamers are ready to learn more about your company and your vision!

Lurf  Jurv Lurf Jurv

Professional Minecraft Player. Will invite your prospective hire to play with me, then blow up their house.

Location: San Francisco

Andrew Andrewson Andrew Andrewson

Known for having perfect pitch and always being right about politics. DiRT 3 Complete Edition stan forever and ever.

Location: i'll be there in a jiffy

Negative Entropy Negative Entropy

7 years of Minecraft experience, group projects and cult meetings

Location: Belgium

Conner Vercellino Conner Vercellino

Oh, so you think you are a GAMER?


Joe Rezendes Joe Rezendes

15+ years of experience | Minecraft | StarWars Battlefront | Tech Nerd

Location: San Francisco, Bay Area

Tommy Crawley Tommy Crawley

Avid gamer from Daly City, California

Location: Daly City, California

Cameron Prince Cameron Prince

Cameron has been gaming for over 3 months. He is a level 6 trainer in Pokemon Go, and he can play most Guitar Hero songs on hard mode. Please hire me. I really need this job.

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Alex Nickel Alex Nickel

I put the gay in gamer.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Harrison EggHead Jones Harrison EggHead Jones

GHamer here, needing some gamer fuel, hit me up

Location: Toronto

Alex Craft Alex Craft

Long time gamer, Even longer time lover.

Location: Austin, Texas

Brady Hahn Brady Hahn

Rainbow Six: Siege, Dead by Daylight and Minecraft professional. 10,000 hrs+ experience.

Location: Austin, Texas